Curb Appeal for marketing your home in the Winter Months - Diane Sugden
Uncategorized November 10, 2015

Curb Appeal for marketing your home in the Winter Months

              Here are a few tips I have found to be successful when preparing my homes for sale.

First Impressions are crutial any time of year but in the Fall/Winter months there are some things that you should pay close attention to! Here are some tips to keep in mind when preparing your home for sale this time of year.

1.  Light Up! Illuminate the walkway and entry of your home with lights. Staggering walkway lights from side to side create a sense of balance. Add a pendant light and matching sconces or lanterns for a designer feel to your exterior.

2.  Safety First! To ensure potential buyers can get to your front door without an incident, be sure your driveway, walkways and stairs are clear of leaves, ice and snow.

3.  Tidy up your landscape! Keeping your lawn maintained and the fallen leaves and debris raked up as needed will make a big difference and will allow your buyer to imagine what the yard will look like come warmer weather,  

4.  Freshen up your garden/patio pots with some cold weather plants. Winter Kale, Pansies or witch hazel can liven up a drab landscape or patio.

5.  Clean gutters. Leaves accumulate in your gutters in the fall, so clean them out before putting your home on the market to show buyers that you care about exterior home maintenance.

6.  Freshen up your paint. In the Fall and Winter months, foliage changes drastically, leaving your exterior surfaces exposed for Buyers to have a clearer view of your home. Sprucing up faded or chipped paint will really make a statement!  If it needs it, paint it!

7.  Seasonal Staging: Try an elegant pair of potted lighted Topiary plants or a simple wreath on the front porch or door. The small white lights add a sophisticated inviting atmosphere.

I hope you find these tips helpful.